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Stäubli Connectors - Thermal Management and Electronics Cooling for Supercomputers and Data Centers

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Thermal Management and Electronics Cooling for Supercomputers and Data Centres

Thermal management - Liquid cooling of data centers by Stäubli

Liquid cooling techniques are increasingly being used for the thermal management of electronic components. Suitable for all types of electronics, including on-board systems, Stäubli Connectors offers hi-tech solutions to ensure the optimisation of energy efficiency while simultaneously minimising noise and space requirements.

Thermal management and liquid cooling of electronics

With the addition of increasingly powerful electronic functions in systems, new component cooling requirements have emerged. Stäubli couplings allow manufacturers to design rapid access to different parts of equipment that have become very compact and simplify maintenance for end users.

Advantages of Stäubli quick release couplings:

  • Non-spill sealing (clean break flush face couplings)
  • Compact and light (materials in special aluminium alloys)
  • Operator safety (disconnection without spillage)
  • Quick-release couplings sized to your fluid lines for optimised flow
  • Materials and seals selected to match the type of fluids and the temperature
  • Connection guiding system and compensation of misalignment during connection on rack systems
  • Excellent resistance to vibration and corrosion
  • Designed to withstand a large number of connections even on refrigerant circuits under residual pressure

Quick-release couplings for liquid cooling

Stäubli connection solutions are designed to resist strong mechanical stress (vibration, oscillation, etc.). The technology stops spillage for the safety of operators and protects the integrity of fluids (no impurities in the circuits). Capable of being locked to allow blind connection in difficult to access areas, the design allows a simple connection of temperature control circuits in demanding conditions of use.

Blind mate connections for racks in supercomputers - manifold supply

At the heart of electronic systems, the non-spill technology guarantees perfect sealing during operation and connection / disconnection. Mounted on rackable systems, these couplings are designed to compensate for alignment faults of up to 0.5mm with oscillation technology and up to 1mm with displacement technology.

Manual connections for electronics cooling in data centers

This range dedicated to high flow rates is characterised by its excellent durability. It permanently ensures perfect sealing during connection and disconnection and has a particularly robust bayonet lock. Its ergonomic design makes handling easy (hand wheel, automatic locking at end of process).

Reliable energy for electronics cooling

Stäubli connectors will insure you efficiency and reliability thoughtout all your liquid cooling circuit during disconnection and connection

Numerous customer-driven solutions, developed over 50 years across a wide range of markets and applications, supported by our expertise in the field of fluids and electrical quick-connections, make Stäubli the ideal partner for your projects, from the simplest to the most demanding.

Recognised as a world leader, Stäubli puts to work for your benefit:

  • Our capacity for innovation and powerful design resources
  • Our strong industrial and sales organisation around the world
  • Our state-of-the-art testing and qualification capabilities, along with our quality certified facilities, including ISO 9001, AQAP 2110, ISO TS 16949 and VIT

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