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Global Electronics Technology

Deployed in virtually every aspect of modern life, electronic systems are essential for the advanced style of living that we value today. Leading industry professionals and analysts predict steady growth in the sector for the rest of the decade as dependence on technologies develops at an unprecedented pace. The global market for electronic components alone is set to be worth more than $180 billion by 2015.

Global Electronics Technology is written by and edited for key decision-makers at the forefront of creating, designing, producing and selling electronic devices throughout the world. This powerful audience controls multibillion-dollar budgets and is responsible for selecting innovative and efficient production equipment, and developing the efficient processes necessary to integrate electronics reliably, precisely and cost-effectively.

Published in print and digital formats, this multiplatform publication provides a unique blend of in-depth commentary and analysis of the key issues shaping the market, while offering a valuable and effective way of reaching and influencing a high-spending community of industry leaders and practitioners.